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Crystal Flakes Set / 5 Colors



Product Detail

Introducing Crystal Flakes Set featuring beautiful transparent flakes in 5 different colors. 

These versatile flakes can be used with polish, gel or acrylic. Use them to add texture and dimension to your nail art!

Set includes 5 jars:
Crystal Flakes Diamond
Crystal Flakes Ruby
Crystal Flakes Topaz
Crystal Flakes Emerald 
Crystal Flakes Sapphire

Each jars contains 2g of flakes.

Instructions for polish:

  1. Apply base coat and your choice of color, add the flakes on top while the polish is still semi sticky.
  2. Seal with two layers of top coat.

Instructions for gel:

  1. Apply base coat and your choice of color.
  2. Add flakes onto the tacky layer and seal with top coat.

You can alternative mix the flakes into uncured gel or wet polish, then apply to nail using our silicone pen.

Professional use only.
Avoid contact with the eyes.

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