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Daily Decals / Summer Blossoms

$3.50 $5.00


Product Detail

The listing is for one sheet of water transfer decals.

The quality of Daily Decals are really exceptional, the patterns are printed on white primer layer which makes the colors more vibrant and opaque when applied. The decals are also slightly thicker and stickier, which makes the application process easier.

1. Clean your nails, these decals can be used over either polished or bare nails.
2. Cut off the design you want to use from the sheet of decal.
3. Soak the cut off piece in water for about 10 - 20 seconds, until the design slides off easily from the paper backing.
4. Place the decal on your nail and once it's in position, dab/press it with a dry piece of paper towel to remove the excess water.
5. Allow to dry completely.
6. Paint a layer (or two!) of a good top coat over the dried decals to make them last for up to 7 days!

They can be removed easily with regular nail polish remover.

PLEASE NOTE: Second photograph is for reference only, and because of monitor differences, the color might be slightly different from the actual item.


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