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Manicure Drill Bits Set: 8 Drill Bits + Bits Holder



Product Detail

A set of 8 drill bits and a bits carrier box with 30 holes, specially selected for the perfect manicure! The recommended manicure steps for using the bits goes from 1 to 8. 

Included Bits:

1 Cuticle Cleaning Bit - Pushes and/or lifts excess cuticle prior to removal.
2 Ceramic Quartz Cone Bit - Removes excess cuticle.
3 Diamond Flame Bit - Dead skin removal along the sides of nails.
4 Under Nail Cleaner Bit - For thicker cuticles. Cleans tight spots, or to gently bevel the undersides of the nails. 
5 Diamond Pointed Cone Bit - Dead skin removal on larger surfaces.
6 Diamond Ball Bit - Cuticle and dead skin removal, can be used for the underside of nails
7 Silicone Buffer Bit - Buffs to smoothen hardened skin.
8 Pink Brush Bit - Used to clean filing dust on the nail plate or groove.

     Drill bits holder box size: 5" x 1.5" x 2.5". Holds 30 bits.

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