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PAPERSELF Temporary Tattoo / Mini Bouquet

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Mini Bouquet, a flower design that allows you to get creative and customise your own design! Cut out individual flowers and wear one or combine to create your own flower arrangement. Each tattoo will be unique and personal to you because YOU create it! Add a little bow and bumble bee embellishment for added flair.

The designs are hand drawn and painted with subtle hints of gold metallic to highlight the design so it catches the light!

Each design has multiple ways to apply so get creative with how you apply the tattoos! Cut anyway you want to make beautiful designs on the skin!
  • Each tattoo pack contains 2 sheets.
  • They last 2-4 days and are suitable for ages 3+
  • Non-toxic, safe and skin friendly.
  • Manufactured in accordance with EU and US safety standards.
  • Waterproof.
  • Size 4"x4".
To apply: Peel off plastic film and apply to clean, dry skin. Wet with water for 30 seconds and remove paper gently.

To remove: Soak for 10 seconds with baby oil. Gently wipe away oil and repeat till tattoo is completely dissolved. Never rub skin hard, this will cause the skin to become red and sore. If applying to your face be gentle when removing with baby oil, do not rub the skin particularly around the eye area as this is most sensitive.

Warning: Do not apply to sensitive skin, near eyes or if allergic to adhesive.


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