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  • Daily Charme Nail Art Sticker Decal - Snowy Lace
  • Daily Charme Nail Art Sticker Decal - Snowy Lace
  • Daily Charme Nail Art Sticker Decal - Snowy Lace

Sticker Decal - Snowy Lace

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This beautifully intricate Sticker Decal - Snowy Lace is easy to apply and a great way to accentuate any manicure. 

Unlike traditional nail stickers or water decals, this premium sticker decals is ultra thin and does not need to be soaked in water. 

1. Clean your nails, these decals can be used over either polished or bare nails.
2. Cut off the design you want to use from the sheet of decal. Make sure to cut through all the layers of this decal, including the top clear plastic sheet.
3. Peel the clear plastic sheet and decal off from the paper backing. The decal should be adhered to the clear plastic sheet at this point.
4. Place the decal piece precisely on the spot you want as it cannot be moved around once it's placed. 
5. Press down on the clear plastic to detach it from the decal, you can use your finger or a rubber cuticle pusher. 
6. Paint a layer (or two!) of a good top coat over the decals to make them last for up to 7 days, it can also be enclosed in gel or acrylic for longer wear. 

These decals can be removed easily with regular nail polish remover.
Decal sheet measures approximately 3 x 5 inches.

PLEASE NOTE: Actual decal is WHITE, it appears gray in photo for display purposes only. Actual product packaging may be different. Due to monitor differences, the color might be slightly different from the actual item.

Nail Art Credit: @reireishnailart


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