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Swarovski Crystalpixie Nail Box / Sparkling Moments

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Limited Holiday Edition!

Swarovski CRYSTALPIXIE Nail Box in Sparkling Moments.

Be it for an everyday occasion or a special event – try out CRYSTALPIXIE which brings unmatched Swarovski brilliance to your nails. CRYSTALPIXIE is made with a mixture of round and cut Swarovski Crystal in the smallest sizes (~1,5 mm).

Each Nail Box includes:

  • Transparent bottle with 5g of CRYSTALPIXIE in Golden Shadow
  • 30 Swarovski Flat Backs in 3 different colors or style
  • Funnel to pour back exceeding crystal with ease
  • Product Instruction & Application Leaflet

Step-by-Step Application

  1. Apply two base layers of nail polish
  2. Pour Swarovski Crystal Pixie over the wet nail polish
  3. Pixie will sink into the moist nail polish
  4. Gently press and compact the Pixie into the nail bed
  5. Scrape off the exceeding Pixie from the nail rim with the finger to obtain clean edges
  6. Let polish dry – Pixie will stick onto the nail polish
  7. Apply top coat to the edges of the Crystal Pixie decoration

One bottle with 5 grams of Pixie lasts for more than 25 single nail decorations!

Made in Austria




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