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Swarovski Crystalpixie Edge / Rock Shock



Product Detail

Swarovski CRYSTALPIXIE Edge in Rock Shock - deep metallic tones with flashes of bright gold.

Swarovski Create Your Style has introduced a striking new product to the nail art family: Crystalpixie Edge. It features thousands of loose crystals that glitter with a super-sharp bi-cone cut. Unconventional and brilliantly eye-catching, the effect is a glam-punk look that truly makes a statement. A sharply faceted bottle cap reflects the spikier crystals inside, differentiating Edge from the others. Wear alone or mix match with the finer, smoother stones of Crystalpixie Petite for myriad designs that celebrate the spirit of individuality.

Loose Crystal Ultra Fine Rocks in PP9.

Box Includes:

  • Transparent bottle with 5g of CRYSTALPIXIE Edge.
  • Funnel to pour back exceeding crystal with ease.
  • Product Instruction & Application Leaflet.

    Step-by-Step Application

    1. Apply two coats of traditional nail polish color or gel nail color.
    2. Let dry or cure, then apply a topcoat (traditional or gel).
    3. Pour Swarovski Crystalpixie over the wet top coat.
    4. Nail glue can also be used to apply Crystalpixie on the nail.
    5. Gently press and compact the Crystalpixiewith a clean, flat nail brush.
    6. If using gel polish, cure; if using traditional nail polish, let dry thoroughly.
    7. Apply top coat to the edges of the Crystalpixie decoration. If using gel, cure once more.

    Tips & Tricks for Application

    • Make sure to hold the finger that the Crystalpixie┬áis being applied to over a tray┬áin order to catch all the excess.
    • For longer wear apply Crystalpixie┬áto a thick viscosity gel, such as our Gossip Strengthen Gel┬áor Stick On Gelly.
    • Use the funnel provided in the package to pour the excess Crystalpixie┬áback into the bottle.
    • In order to secure maximal brilliance of Crystalpixie┬áwe recommend not to apply topcoat directly over the the entire nail - apply top coat only to seal the edges and prevent erosion.

    Made in Austria


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