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  • Nail Art Large Sticky Marshmallow Stamper & Scraper Set
  • Nail Art Large Sticky Marshmallow Stamper & Scraper Set

XL Sticky Marshmallow Stamper & Scraper Set



This XL sticky Marshmallow stamper will help you create beautifully stamped nail art with ease! The stamping pad is made of very soft and squishy silicon, which is not only better at picking up images, but provides more coverage when stamped over the curve of your nails. The XL stamp pad works great even on longer nails!

The stamping pads can be easily cleaned with tape, lint roller or even acetone, but do keep in mind that acetone can cause the silicon pads to wear out faster. The scraper can be safely cleaned with acetone or nail polish remover.

This stamper can be used without priming. However, if you'd like to prime your new stamper, you can buff the stamping pads with a fine grit nail file. 

We recommend our high quality stamper to be used with our MoYou Stamping Plates.

Scraper tip size: 1 1/8 in or 28mm wide
Stamper length: 2 in or 52mm
Stamping pad size: 1 3/8in or 35mm in diameter


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