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How to Apply Nail Charms - Tips by Chelsea Queen

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The super talented nail artist/blogger Chelsea Queen recently wrote a blog on the different methods of applying nail charms. She used two of our best-selling charms Alice's Tiara & Small Pyramid in this simple manicure over a beautiful teal shimmer polish Juleps Kristen. 

Here's what she shared with her readers on the 3 different ways to adhere nail charms/jewelry:

-For 1 day of wear: Top coat! This is how I put on the charms for this particular design. I wanted to wear them on a night out, but knew I’d be changing my nails soon. After painting on the polish, I applied my top coat and used tweezers to place the charms. You’ll want to do this quickly before the top coat dries, so I recommend 1 nail at a time. This way is the best way to be able to reuse them. Once I took them off, I used a brush dipped in polish remover to clean them off and use them again!

-For 2-7 days of wear: Nail glue! You can find this at many nail supply stores (I’ve even used super glue when I was desperate!). MK Beauty Club sells my favorite which you can find here. I’ve tried tons of different brands, but this works the best. It has a brush, which makes it super easy to apply. To use…paint top coat and let dry for a few minutes. Apply nail glue to charm and nail, place with tweezers, hold for a few seconds, and done! Depending on the quality of nail glue you use, they can stay on for a week (or more).

-For 1 week and on: Gel or acrylic! This option is typically used by professionals. Gel is cured by a UV/LED lamp and is used to reinforce the stones. For this method, I usually combine nail glue and gel for the most staying power. You can apply a gel top coat, and while its still wet place the charm and cure. Then go in and apply a second layer of gel top coat around the charm (sometimes covering it) and it can last until you take it off

Click here for the original post & more pictures.

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