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Charme Box Subscription FAQ


What's included in a Charme Box and which box am I getting?

Cutest nail products curated just for you, receive 15+ full size and limited edition nail products every two months delivered to your door. Get first access to upcoming Charme Gel colors, latest nail decors and so much more!

Sign-Up Period** Shipping Date* Box Theme
11/1 - 12/31
1st week of January
Valentine's Day
1/1 - 2/28
1st week of March
3/1 - 4/31
1st week of May
Different every year
5/1 - 6/30
1st week of July
7/1 - 8/31
1st week of September
Autumn / Halloween
9/1 - 10/30
1st week of November

Holiday / New Year

*Charme Box will ship out during the first week of odd numbered months.
**Your first Charme Box is billed when you sign-up, the next recurring billing date is when the next box ships.

How do I access my Subscription Management Portal?

You will receive a subscription confirmation email once you sign up, the email will include a Manage Subscription button that gives you access to your Subscription Management Portal. You can also access the portal through your Daily Charme customer account if you signed up for subscription using the same email address as your customer account.

Please save the link to your Subscription Management Portal as this is the best method to manage your account and subscription.

If you're unable to locate the link to your Subscription Management Portal, please contact our customer support team HERE .

Can I skip a shipment?

You can skip your upcoming shipments any time before the next billing date, which is when the next box ships.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription on the Subscription Management Portal.
You're billed when the most current Charme Box ships. When you cancel the subscription, you will no longer be charged for future boxes.


How often & when will I be billed?

Charme Box is on a bi-monthly subscription schedule, you pay for the first box upon sign up, and will be billed automatically when the next Charme Box ships.

For example, if you sign up for the subscription on May 15th, you will receive the first box in July and be billed for the September box on September 1st.

Can I pick the date you bill me?

Billing dates cannot be customized so you will always be automatically billed when the box ships.

If you prefer not to be billed for the upcoming box, you can always skip the next delivery before it's billed.

Do you charge sales tax?

We charge sales tax on all purchases in states where sales taxes are applicable.

I'm an international subscriber, why does my monthly bill vary?

Our store pricing is in USD, your bank statement will show the conversion amount in your local currency when you are billed, and due to the fluctuating exchange rate, your bill may be slightly different each month.

How do I update my billing information?

You can update your billing information by accessing your Subscription Management Portal.

Can I use a coupon code on my Charme Box subscription?

Any promotional pricing applies to the first box only. All subscription plans will renew at the regular rate.



When will my boxes ship?

Your first Charme Box will ship on the 1st or the first work day of the next odd numbered month after you sign up for the subscription.

How long does it take to receive my box?

Charme Box ships once every 2 months, depending on when you sign up, you may have to wait up to 2 months before your first box ships.

Once shipped, delivery within the U.S. takes between 5-7 business days, and 14-30 business days for international addresses.

Can I purchase Charme Box if I live outside of the U.S.?

We currently ship Charme Box within the U.S., and internationally to Canada, UK and Australia.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is FREE within the U.S., $18 USD for Canada, $16 USD for UK, and $24 USD for Australia.

How do I change my shipping address?

You can update your shipping address by accessing your Subscription Management Portal.

How does shipping work if I purchased other products along with Charme Box subscription?

FOR U.S. ORDERSIf you purchased other products from our shop with your Charme Box subscription, the order will be split and add-on products will be shipped first before the Charme Box is scheduled to ship.

Depending on the size and weight of the additional items, they may be shipped via our Economy Mail option that does not come with tracking. If you have any questions or request, please [email us (mailto)].

FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: If you purchased other products from our shop with your Charme Box subscription, all additional products and the Charme Box will be shipped together.

All sales are final, no returns or exchanges for Charme Box.
If you have any quality issues with the products you received, please contact our customer support team HERE .


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