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Charme Crystal Sparkle Pixie / Aurora Sands

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Product Detail

Limited Edition Charme Crystal Sparkle Pixie in Aurora Sands - this beautiful pixie is made with a mixture of gorgeous AB and metallic gold, rose gold & gunmetal colored crystals.

Add brilliance to your nails with these ultra sparkly nail crystals! Charme Crystal Sparkle Pixie is specially designed to achieve the highest brilliance by combining authentic Czech crystals in both double cone and ball shapes. These tiny crystals are great for full nail coverage, or if you just want to sprinkle a little bit of shine to a nail design. 

Size: 5g Jar
5 grams can lasts for more than 25 single nail decorations!

Gel Application:

  1. Apply base gel and/or color
  2. Apply Daily Charme Stick On Gelly
  3. Pour Charme Crystal Sparkle Pixie over uncured gel
  4. Gently scrape off excess crystals if needed
  5. Cure for 60 seconds under LED lamp
  6. Seal off the free edge and Sparkle Pixie with Daily Charme 2-in-1 Seal It Up Gel Pen
  7. Cure for 60 seconds under LED lamp

Nail Polish Application:

  1. Apply two base layers of nail polish
  2. Pour Charme Crystal Sparkle Pixie over wet nail polish
  3. Sparkle Pixie will sink into the moist nail polish
  4. Gently press and compact the Sparkle Pixie onto the surface of nail
  5. Scrape off any excess  Sparkle Pixie from the free edge with finger tip
  6. Let polish dry - Sparkle Pixie will stick onto the nail polish
  7. Apply top coat to the edges of the Sparkle Pixie decoration

    Made in Czech Republic

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