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Acrylic Nail Powder / Crystal Clear / 15g

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Product Detail

A fine, crystal clear acrylic powder that's perfect for various nail art designs!

  • Pour over uncured gel polish to create matte texture. 
  • Mix into gel to thicken the viscosity for 3D designs.
  • Use with monomer as traditional acrylic nail powder. 

Color: Crystal Clear
Size: 15g

Instructions for creating matte textures:

  1. Apply gel on desired area (use a solid creme color for best effect).
  2. Sprinkle acrylic powder onto uncured gel.
  3. Cure, and dust off any excess powder.

Instructions for mixing into gel:

  1. Mix desired amount into uncured gel (higher ratio of powder to gel makes a thicker paste).
  2. Create 3D designs on nail.
  3. Cure thoroughly and seal with top coat.

Professional use only. Avoid contact with the eyes.

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