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Chameleon Color Shifting Chrome Powder / Hera Violet

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Use our Chameleon Color Shifting Chrome Powder to create beautiful color shifting chrome nails! Hera Violet will shift between pink, violet, and blue with a hint of gold.

For best results, this powder should be applied over a no-wipe gel topcoat like the Gossip No-Wipe Chrome Effect Base Gel and sealed with a thin layer of hard/builder gel then finished off with gel top coat. 


  1. Apply base coat, then your choice of color.
  2. Apply a layer of the Gossip No-Wipe Chrome Effect Base Gel, or other brand non-wipe gel topcoat.
  3. Use a sponge tipped eyeshadow applicator, make up sponge, a silicone brush or your finger tip to buff a thin layer of pigment onto nail surface. 
  4. Brush off excess powders off the nail and cuticle area.
  5. Apply a thin layer of Gossip Strengthening Gel, or other brand builder/hard gel to prevent chipping.
  6. Seal with gel top coat Diamond Shine No-Wipe Gel Topcoat.

Size: 1g
Professional use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

Nail Art Credit: @1145.nails

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