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Metallic Glitter Dust / Twilight Fog


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Product Detail

Twilight Fog is a gorgeous shade of dark muted purple, subtle yet super sparkly! This glitter pairs wonderfully with Charme Gel / 005 ThundercloudsOur Metallic Glitter Dust can be used with gel, nail polish or acrylic for endless designs. 


Raw Sugar Dust Effect

  1. Apply 5-in-1 Strengthening Gel over base color. 
  2. Sprinkle glitter over uncured gel, gently tap to shake off excess glitter.
  3. Cure with LED lamp for 60 sec or UV for 120 sec.
  4. Apply Diamond Shine No-Wipe Gel Top Coat to the free-edge to avoid chipping.
  5. (Optional) For a glossy finish, seal the entire nail with gel topcoat and cure.

Burnish Effect

  1. Apply 5-in-1 Strengthening Gel over base color and cure.
  2. Gently tap glitter onto the tacky layer of cured gel and brush off any excess.
  3. Seal with Diamond Shine No-Wipe Gel Top Coat and cure.

For Nail Polish

  1. Sprinkle glitter on wet nail polish or mix glitter with clear polish. 
  2. Let dry and seal off with a top coat.

    TIP: When working only with nail polish, we suggest to apply a topcoat to seal off the glitter.

    Container size: 10 grams

    Customer Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Sarah C.
    The perfect gunmetal glitter!

    I’ve been searching for this glitter in a gel polish formula for EVER. It doesn’t seem to exist, so I just dip my nails into this stuff after a coat of black and it’s awesome!


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