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Nail Art Ink Micro Pen / Rainbow Collection / 8 Colors

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Introducing Nail Art Ink Micro Pens!

Nail Art Ink Micro Pen is the perfect tool for creating detailed hand-drawn designs and letterings on your nails. It comes with a 0.5mm fine-point tip. Best applied over a layer of matte topcoat with nail polish, acrylic, gel extension tip, or gel polish.

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Make sure to shake well before each use and gently press down on the tip to saturate the nib. Don't press the pen too hard when pumping the ink so the ink won't overflow. Paint the desired design, air dry, and seal with a top coat. 

TIPS: Due to the fineness of the pen tip, it's possible for the ink to dry out sometimes. To prevent this, store the pen tip facing down with the cap on. If the tip dries up, use a needle to gently poke through the tip. 

The collection includes 8 colors: pink, red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, blue, and purple.
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