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Tutorial: Art Deco Style Rose Nail

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*Art Deco Style Rose Nail Tutorial* Steps: 1. Base coat (ofc!) 2. Pain the base color, either a dark or light color 3-6. By using a small dotting tool or toothpick, start the rose by painting 2 small petals, then add 2-3 bigger pieces 7. Another petal and now you have a mini rose 8-10. Paint a few more around the painted petals for a fancier rose 11. Use a different color and add in some small leafs. Let dry & apply top coat. Finished! Note: It's advised to pick contrasting colors for your base color and the flower color. (ex: red/white, dark blue/yellow) Note 2: Don't worry if you think you messed up on the petals! Just let it dry and fix it by painting over it with the base color. =)



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